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Monday, 6 December 2010

Something sparkling!

I've been back making jewellery again. The kilt pins are for an order taken at the card/jewellery party I did a few weeks back and it's taken me ages to get some inspiration to be able to make them. I had a really loose brief of just use different colours from the one which she bought at the party which was purple. I hope she likes them.
The bag charm I might give to my mum for a Christmas present, not sure yet if I want to part with I may make her another one and keep this one myself.
The cat's being a real pain and is sat right in front of the computer monitor so I can't see what I'm typing, good job I can touch type! Better move her and make sure I haven't written anything rude by mistake??!!

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  1. Fab selection of Bling... it's always nice to break up the cardmaking with a bit of bead play :D



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