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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Lots of Handmade Christmas goodies

One very naughty Kitten who has been climbing the Christmas tree and hiding in the middle like some sort of furry ornament! The tree is being taken down tomorrow I can't stand the hassle of keeping her out of it any longer. Never mind hopefully next year she won't think it's a game??

I was lucky enough to receive lots of beautiful hand knitted gifts for Christmas, My Mum made the gloves above, isn't she the best ever! She also made a lovely scarf in the same green as on the gloves, hand knitted socks and some more of the yummy crochet rosettes as brooches. Also my daughter (who is studying Fashion Knit wear at University) made me a lovely scarf and a mug with a sketch of one design on it, which they have been selling to raise funds for their final year collection fashion show. So wonderful to have gifts which have been made with lots of love and thought.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

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