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Friday, 16 July 2010

Some of my latest digi pages

I thought I'd show a couple more of my digi scrapbooking pages. I haven't been doing much paper crafting of late but I did make a couple cards last weekend just to make sure I hadn't forgotten how? I'll post them at a later date. I've got a weeks holiday next week so hopefully will have a bit more time to do that. Mind you, my daughter is back home for the summer on Saturday evening so I will be spending my free time with her.
Works been going really well, it's been a very steep learning curve so far, with loads more to learn. My new boss seems quite happy with what I've done so far which is a relief. I've got a day off today as I'm working all weekend, hopefully it'll be nice and busy so the weekend goes fast and I can look forward to having some time at home with my family.
I would like to get out in the garden today but it keeps raining, it really windy today and it has blown over my growhouse sending all my plants flying! I'd only just planted up some herb seeds last weekend and now they're all over the patio! NOT HAPPY! My poor sweetcorn has blown over to one side, I'm not quite sure how to keep that upright?

So here's my digi pages as promised I hope you like them?

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