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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Happy Birthday to me....

Well I'm '21' again today, had to go to work which is very poo but got off early they owe me tonnes of hours so don't feel too guilty. I made loads of cakes for my work lot, lemon muffins, chocolate muffins, chocolate fridge cake and a fruit cake. Also made summerfruit & almond muffins but put too much mixture in the cake cases and it all went horribly wrong so they stayed at home, Shame!!!

A couple of my close friends at work bought me in gifts, so now have plenty of chocolate to eat in my craftroom yum yum and nice bottle of pink cava, hic.... My friend Clare put my gift in the coolest bag (she could have just given me the bag and I would have been happy!) Check this out, will have to take the flower gift tag thingy off and work out how to make one it's just to cool. Am I sad? Sorry, love of paper gone crazy!

Had planned to go out for a meal tonight as also our 20th Wedding anniversary but my poor husband has had a bad stomach all day, so will have to wait til the weekend, never mind something to look forward too.


  1. Happy Birthday Hun *mwah*

    Big hugs xxx

  2. happy birthday Lol, sorry I missed your post yesterday hun. And Happy Anniversary too, sorry you've not had the terrific day you should have done. Hope you smuggled in some crafting to make up for it?

    The bag is scrummy and gives me an idea to use up some old beads!


  3. ps email you addy if you don't mind hun



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