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Friday, 18 November 2011

What's on your workdesk? Bit late!!

I know I'm a bit late but I had to show you what's lurking in my craftroom this week? I've bought myself some ribbon storage solution tags which you tread the ribbon through then hang up with a book ring. I bought them from Storage 4 Crafts they weren't that cheap so if you know of anywhere else I might be able to get hold of some more at a better price please let me know? They look like this below. 
So I sorted this mess, which I'd already sorted from a tangled  heap of multicolour mess into all pinks together, all purples together, you get the picture. 

To this where I've spent an age treading the ribbon through each tag.

To this not very tidy looking but easier to find what style of ribbon or what colour. I still need to buy something to hang them up on the wall with, maybe a pretty coat rack?  

However I'm a little worried that my cat will think it's a new game as she did when I had a tangled mess on my desk and falling onto the floor, well time will tell I suppose? I've still got all the greens, blues and black and white to sort out yet going to be a busy day and bugger the housework...again!


  1. Such an easy way to store your ribbons , i hope you cat does'nt get them .

  2. Hi, Storing ribbon can be a real pain - it's not so bad when it's on a reel but loose ribbon can get tangled up in no time at all. I used one of the ribbon holders as a template and made my own out of cardboard - this works fine but is not as durable as the plastic. I'm not sure that these suppliers prices are any cheaper but here are the links to a couple that have been recommended to me:

    My Mum's Craft Shop

    Ribbon Ring

    Hope this helps. BTW, my cat, The Boss, ignored the ribbons once they were hung up - yours may do so too. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth x #78

  3. Argh ribbons. I spent ages doing the same..and am nowhere better off because short pieces and leftovers and stuff that comes on cards (like lace and twine) end up needing a home too...and it makes me not cope!! Mind - the colours you have look WONDERFUL!!

  4. Ribbon storage great idea, I still havent gotten that far yet. Your favourite colour must be pink and purple
    Bridget #29

  5. Oooh.. What a great idea! xxx



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