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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What's on your workdesk?

I'm not feeling too great today and have done pretty much nothing with my day off other than watch create and craft and drool over all the goodies for sales at wonderful prices!
I spent the day decorating the training room at work yesterday a full 9 hours pretty much non stop of sanding and washing down woodwork and then painting and I completely wiped myself out, I think I must have moved muscles that have not seen any action for a very long time! Good job today was my day off anyway so I've been able to recover a bit before I'm back to work tomorrow.
Anyhoo I thought I'd post a picture of my workdesk showing the cards which I've now organised and packed up ready for a card party during the next few weeks. I'm great at making a card then not putting an envelope with it straight away so it then takes me ages to get them all sorted out when I want to sell some of my creations. I've promised myself that from now on I will sort the envelope or box straight away saving hassle later on, whether I do that is another matter?

I had some exciting news via email the other day I won a competition via the Docrafts website, 2 tickets to the NEC in Birmingham for the Hobbycraft event in November which just happens to be during my weeks holiday. The tickets arrived this morning so hopefully my bestest friend ever won't mind a visitor for the night as she lives close to Birmingham? I've asked her along not that she's a crafter but she may enjoy it anyway?


  1. well done on winning tickets, hope you have fab time and get lots of new goodies!
    Jo x

    ps i have candy

  2. Yay for winning the tickets!! Hope your mate can go otherwise you might be sleeping on a platform at Birmingham new Stree station - lol!!
    I love your flattened spotty buckets on the wall - they're really fun and useful. Win-win :D
    Hugs. LLJ #40 xx

  3. Guess it was meant to be...I am sure you will be recovered from all that soreness by then. Have fun! thanks for the peek and sharing.

    xoxo Marjo

  4. oh hope you are feeling much better! You have great organization going on...not like me this week LOL! Happy WOYWW!

  5. You do sound like you deserve a break!!
    Lovely cards and good on you for organizing!!

  6. Congrats on the tickets! SOrry that the cleaning wiped you out so much, but the desk look fabulous. Thanks for sharing! -Amanda

  7. Bridget #28 love all the stuff on your desk



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