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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Need another week off to get over my week off!!!!

What a couple of days I've had, on Thursday we headed up to Nottingham to see my Daughter's end of year fashion show for her degree. Well last week the car was having a bit of a funny 5 mins but was fine all week so off we went on our 190 mile journey. I should have known better really than not to put it into the garage before the trip, but with everything that's been happening with my Dad being in hospital and going back and forward to there all week with Mum it was the last thing on my mind, anyhoo we got about 50 miles from Nottingham and the car played up again, we pulled onto the hardshoulder of the M42 and restarted it and it was fine again just really 'lumpy' (sorry the only way I can discribe it) we got there fine, parked up in the hotel car park and then forgot about the car just praying it would get us home on Friday.

Well off we went into the city centre via the tram to get something to eat. Asher was really busy getting everything prepared for the fashion show so we weren't able to see her until later on. So we went back to the hotel again to meet up with my friend Jane who I've known for over 30 years who had come up the watch the show with us. After a quick wash and brush up, down to the bar for a quick catch up and a large drink. At 7ish we got to the University ready to see the fashion show, the first show was running a little late so I had to wait a little longer to see my little girl who I haven't seen since January. After a very big hug and a kiss she dashed off again, eventually she joined us when we sat down to watch the show.
We are just so proud of her she has worked so so hard to complete her collection and it is wonderful. Check out these pictures, they're not the best but hopefully we'll get some of the official ones later on.

After the show we managed to get something to eat about 10 o'clock and another little drinkie! She went off partying with her friends and we headed back to the hotel, and I was well and truly really for my bed (I'm usually a bed by 9pm kind of girl these days, sad and old!!??)

The adventure home was a bit of of an epic story I'm afraid the car got us as far as junction 1 on the M42 before it decided it didn't want to work anymore so we pulled off and rung the AA. God love my Dad who stills pays this for me and has done for the last 22 years. Mr AA man was there within about 10 mins really quick and managed to get us going again. All was well until we got about 25 miles from home and it broke down yet again, It was a bit more scary this time as before we had managed to pull off the motorway onto a junction and then a pub car park, but this time we were on the hardshoulder with lorries and car going pass at what feels like a million miles an hour! We called the AA again and had to wait 45 mins this time but the AA guy, Jason is such a hero cos he saved us having to pay to upgrade our membership to get us home and after having to be towed down the M5 which was very very scary, he put the car on the back of his van and took us home. Now I have a nice large garage bill to look forward to, deep deep joy.

Back to work tomorrow, would rather be spending the day at home with my feet up never mind got earn some pennies to pay for the car!

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