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Friday, 8 October 2010

A very long overdue post!

I know I haven't blogged since the middle of August but I just haven't had any time. Works been busy and really great so by the time I get home I just want to crash. My daughter's gone back to Uni so it's just back to the 2 of us or should I say the 3 of us cos of the kitten, who is swiftly turning into a cat. She is growing really quickly and is still into everything she can get her paws on! She loves to steal socks off of the clothes airer and try and hide them if she can get away with it.
She loves to climb everything in sight, my curtains are fully of claw marks and I don't think there will be much point putting the Christmas tree up this year as I think it will be pulled over as soon as we turn our backs.
As I type she's climbing all over the computer trying to chase the mouse pointer etc. Nightmare!

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  1. Hope you can build up your stamina and come back to stamping soon!!



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