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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Step back Alan Titchmarsh!

I'm so excited my husband made me a raised bed to plant some veggies. So here's some pics of work in progess and after we'd been to the local garden centre and bought some plants to fill it up with. I'm knackered now been out in the garden since before 9am this morning then off to the garden centre and back to plant it all up. Now I've got to hope it all grows and the slugs and snails don't think ah fresh dinner!!!
I'm growing carrots, beetroot, sweetcorn, lettuce 3 types, tomatoes, cucumber, courgette, butternut squash plus some herbs from seeds. I'm also having a go at growing from seed some bedding plants to try and save a bit of money. I'm growing Livingston daisies which I did really well with last year and they are going really well so far. The snails got in to my growhouse and ate my sweet basil seedlings so I'll have to resow them. I'm also growing some sweetpea from seed which are just beginning to pop up through the soil.
I never thought that I'd ever be green fingered or even enjoy it but I am soooo much!

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