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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Order finished, presents made!

Well I've finished all my christmas card/gift wallet/diaries orders and all delivered. Can you believe I don't have enough Christmas cards to finish writing my work ones, need to make some more quick ones. Only have lots of pink and girly which I can't really give to some of the guys at work?!
I had a go at stamping onto my candles it's far from prefect but it looks OK so my friends will have put up with my first attempts and lets hope they like it? I've really enjoyed making my own gifts this year it's saved me money well sort of and there's far more pleasure doing this way than endless hours around the shops in crowds of people.

Here's my Neighbours order completed!

One of my Basket candle combo's

Close up of my candle stamping (What do you think?)

Candle combo number two

Final close up of my first attempt at stamping on candles


  1. I think your candle stamping looks fab! What are you worried about? Your mates will be well chuffed to get these


  2. Lol, you amaze me, how do you do it and go to work as well? Everything looks absolutely fab, you are so thoughtful and I hope they all appreciate your hard work!! Take care, Hugs Jo x



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