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Monday, 30 November 2009

Silver wedding celebrations!

Firstly on a crafty note here's the card/word book I made for our friends Silver wedding anninversary at the weekend. We had a great day, the weather was awful but that didn't matter one bit as the inside of the Church looked really pretty all light with candles. Now for some of the pictures of the day. Sorry about the one in the Church but was trying to get a good shot around the professional photographer was tricky.

This is Gill and Rob the happy couple I've know these guys for nearly 20 years, so nice to share their day with them.
Next is myself and my friend Paula (who is Gill's daughter) and we have been friends for about 10 years or so.
Check me out pulling a stupid face

Then we had to do 'The inbetweeners' friends thumbs up, 40 somethings acting about 5 as usual!

This is myself and my Husband Dave, check us out in our posh clothes!

And lastly, this is Me and Dave with our very good friends Paula and Kev (who are husband and wife)
Now here is the one which will make you giggle (if you haven't already fallen alsleep?) Right at the end of the evening the stupid party song go on and The wurzel 'Blackbird' if you know anything about the west country this makes us look like the a real bunch of yokels! Well it was the boys after far too much drink who rolled their trouser legs up and undid their shirts!
Be warned if you come to Somerset!

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  1. Hi Lol, glad you had a good time and yes, know the Blackbird song well coming from Wiltshire, causes many a giggle everytime!! Lovely piccies and thanks for sharing them with us, you mean you don't dress posh all the time?!!!I love your bracelet and cards by the way.
    Hugs Jo x



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