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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Lusting after copic markers

I'm depressed now, just been on several different sites to see how much copic markers are to buy. I've been lusting after them as all the really creative people seem to use them. And I've realised that they're a bit out of my league price wise. Trouble is I'm not very good at just having one or two of something to start which and building on a collection of things. I need it all NOW! Must be something to do with being an only child I think?
Anyway I'll have to make do with my watercolour pencils and my sakura pens. I've got some water based markers but can't seem to get the same effect with them, just takes practice I guess?
Just check out this lady's blog it's copic marker heaven and she's got a craft room to die for. She's got a studio tour on 3 video's, wish I could have listen to what she had to say but the sounds buggered on my pc again. She's so organised and tidy, I start out that way and then it turns into a disaster area after about half an hour of serious creation!

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  1. I know what you mean! I can never have one of anything either. I've been water pencild, sakura, then managed to upgrade to pro-markers which I love and my DH has just treated me to some copics.

    They have some okish deals on ebay, have you got any stash you coud sell on ebay or something to fund buying some?




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