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43 years old, one wonderful daughter and husband. I love craft, card making, scrapbooking, jewellery making, altered art. I been crafting for about 8 years or so and moving house 6 years ago allowed me the space of my own craftroom. (Much to the annoyance of my husband!)

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Creative things making up for my lack of sleep?

I've been doing nights this week at work, which is fine when you can sleep during the day! But my neighbours kids are the loudest in the world so I gave up at 11.30 this morning after about 4 hours of broken sleep! So I'm going to be a barrel of laughs at work tonight, don't do too well when I'm not rested. Better work alone me thinks? So I used my free time to do some crafting, made some random cards for any occasion and a New home card for my bestest friend in the world who has justed moved house. I'll post the pics when I've more time and blogger isn't playing silly sods!

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  1. suzy le cream de la cream!
    i need to ask a you still have the box of nans photographs in your craft room or can you get me scanned in before friday nans wedding photograph or the one of nana looking up that is probably on my mood board in your room i need them for dvc preferably if not dont worry about it.



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