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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Tried of driving.

I've got home from work nice and early today but I did leave home at 5.30am this morning! I managed to get myself voted as the regional rep for Grass roots for my company, so as part of my new role (which is over and above my normal remit at work!) I have to go to divisional meetings. So at stupid O'clock this morning I set off to Eastleigh in Hants for a 9am start.
I'm a bit of a one for being on time so I was ridulously early arriving at 8am. I was a bit nervous because the Director of our division was chairing the meeting and having met him before he wasn't very pleasant but I'm glad to say that my opinion of him has altered now. I did feel uncomfortable cos I was in his direction line of eye contract which he held with me mostly ( or at least it felt like it) through most of meeting! Well it wasn't as painful as I thought and I've met some really great people from around my division. My company never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the wonderful diversity of personalities that it employs and where ever I've been around the country in my 9 years of employment nearly everyone I've met has made me feel welcome and at ease. This is not an advert for employment I might add!
So after 4 or so hours of driving I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening at home with my better half. But if he's watching the footie on the telly I might venue into my craftroom and get creative, which is always a good way to unwind from a busy day. I have to put my recruitment head on tomorrow and find some new weekend staff for my team, looking forward to that challenge.

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