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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spellbinder love!

I am a bad girl and treated myself to one of the spellbinder's pick of weeks at create and craft last week and it arrived yesterday while I was at work. So lots of new goodies to play with. Lucky I have had today off work as the store is shut. However I had a rubbish nights sleep last night and woke up feeling awful this morning and ended going back to bed for a while and didn't surface until about 11am which is unheard of for me. It does feel like a waste of a morning but we did go and have a walk around Ham Hill which is just up the road from us and blew a few cobwebs away. Now I really must go and make some tea as my Husband will be getting hungry and I better feed him I suspose?

Here's a quick card I made with some of the spiral flowers. Can't get the hang of getting them to stick down that well but I'll keep practicing.

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  1. ooaahhhhh Spellbinders dreamland!! whoo-hoo, can I come and play, they all look fabulous, Enjoy!!! Hugs May x x x



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