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Monday, 30 January 2012

More Material Makes!

Now as I've said before me and sewing do not see eye to eye, I just don't have the patience with it. But I have struggled on with it and with a lot of help from my die cuts and lots of glue here what I've made.

These are just glued together with the button stitched on.

And the big heart is a work in progress, still have to finish blanket stitching around the edges (badly, notice no close ups of this one, please don't zoom in you're only be disappointed believe me!!!)  I want to stuff this with something, my Mum will have something to do this with somewhere I hope? 

And here's the stash of Tilda fabric I bought the other day, aren't they just yummy. I've been drooling over these for weeks and finally decided to buy a few. 

And lastly I went to Dunelm mill the other day and couldn't resist these paper pads! 

Hope you have a good week, I'm off to get showered and dressed now and then off out to the post office to post my Ebay items off to their new owners. Let's hope they enjoy their new goodies. 

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