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Monday, 16 May 2011

The week that was.....

What a week it's been, I haven't had time to breath let alone blog! Last Monday my Dad was rushed to hospital with a broken hip so I have been taking Mum to and fro to hospital, hairdressers and the supermarket.
Dad's will be 80 this year and up until now he has been pretty ok health wise expect for the odd bad cough he gets in the winter. It's been a big worry for Mum as she doesn't drive and we live about 10 miles away, luckily she is a very young 76 and is still pretty fit. He's still in hospital after waiting until last Wednesday to have his broken hip replaced, poor man was in so much pain I hated seeing him like that! But he has been up out of his bed yesterday and sat in the chair for a couple of hours, even if he was being a bit of a pain to the nurses by not wanting to do it, I think he met his match and she was having none of it, thank goodness. We're hoping that maybe he will be home by this time next week once they have delivered some special equipment he will need to help him until he gets his mobility back.
I'm off work on holiday this week so it will be a bit easier to get everything done at home and go and see Dad as well. Going to have some me time crafting today just to chill out for a while, the housework can wait I think!

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