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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I've been digi scrapbooking!

I'm not sure that this is any good at all but for my first attempt at digi scrapbooking I'm quite pleased. I downloaded some free digi scrapbooking software and some free digikits to have a go before maybe I commit some money to it. So it's very basic no fancy edges or turned corners as you have to pay for the extras to do that. Here it is (sorry blogger wouldn't upload the picture so I've downloaded to the Daisy trail site.
I'm having a bit of a PJ day today I've decided, I wasn't very well last week and am still trying to get back some of my normal energy levels so I am going to do the basics and blow the rest of the jobs. It's a wet and horrid day outside which makes you feels yuk! Roll on some proper spring sunshine, please.

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  1. Hi Lol, Hope you feel better soon. I dabble with Digi scrapbooking sometimes and love it, the only downside is that I don't make a mess and I love to make a mess!!! I am off this week, pure bliss!! And hubby got a job yesterday and starts next week. We are thrilled, so chuffed perhaps life will start looking up again and we can get back on track!!

    Take care, hugs Jo x



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