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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Getting my Mum a new mobile!

Bless my Mum she's in her 70's and technology just isn't her thing. She has had the same mobile phone for at least the last 10 plus years and it finally gave up the ghost last week. So she asked me to help her choose a new one? Her and Dad came over to my town this morning to pop to my local Tesco to find a cheap and cheerful phone which wasn't too hi-tech. Easy, found one which suited her pocket and is really easy to use. So I set it all up for her and tried to explain how to use it, I think texting is out of the question but I can always send her one just when I'm feeling wicked just to confuse her!! (Naughty girl of about 10 in my head really?)
Anyway she was worried that no one would know what her new number was? I really can't think why cos only me, and my daughter are the only people who would ring her on it? So I asked her for the numbers she wanted me to put on it for her, and there was me, my daughter and my home number. Bless her cotton socks. I've been teasing her about it all morning, good job she loves me isn't it!

Well, apart from tormenting my parents today I've made another card, was going to be for the Cupcake challenge but just couldn't get it come together anything like the sketch, so here it is.

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